Barracudas are angry-looking predator fish that eat fast, while smaller fishes are coming.

Barracudas are only edible when playing as Goliath. When they first appear, a yellow triangle with a '!' in the middle will appear where in will come. The medium ones eat cuttlefish and john dorys and are preyed by orcas and appear 14 times in the game, or 23 1/3% in total.

How to eat it:Edit

You must bite its tail to the red circle. After doing it, it will anger the barracuda to chase you. It will eat nothing in its path. Like the intruder, it will let you after some time. Do this carefuly 4 times to make it shrink and become eatable. You can only bite its tail when the red circle appears. This won't work for Goliath because he can eat them.

Special abillity:Edit

Can be bitten four times to shrink it.

Eating a Shrinkshroom will never make him small.

Trivia: Edit

  • In Feeding Frenzy,the Barracuda doesn´t have a red Circle on it´s Tail.Also,it doesn´t shrink after being bitten 4 Times,but it gives the player extra points.
  • The Abillity to shrink comes first in Feeding Frenzy 2:Shipwreck Showdown.

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