John dorys are one of the fish in game. They first appear in Buccanear Bay.

Green and yellow John DoryEdit

Green john dorys are big in Peter levels and medium in Harry’s levels. (and small in chapter 6 (2nd half) in Alien glory) The large ones eat lionfish, boxfish, cuttlefish and minnows. They last appear in First Fury. The medium ones eat boxfish and cuttlefish, are preyed on by lionfish. They last appear in
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Spot The Ink and are drawn out by the Intruder. They appear in 10 levels or 1/6th of the total game.

Purple and blue John DoryEdit

Purple ones are (Big in chapter 5 (2nd half) in Alien Glory) medium in Harry levels and small in Goliath levels. The medium ones eat herring and are preyed on by marlins,leopard sharks and pelicans. They last appear in Jellyfish Jig. The small ones are preyed on by barracudas and orcas. They last appear in Mine, all Mine.
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  • John Dories are bigger than Peter The Pompano, which has the same size. This may be because they've grown.
  • John Dories are playable in the original game, but not in the sequel.