The Killer whale or ''Orca'' is the third biggest creature in the game, only passed out by Goliath the great white shark at full size and the Alien Intruder at full size. Orcas appear in 8 levels in the game, or 2/15 in total.

They appear in Goliath and Layla levels, but they are only edible by Goliath. Layla's huge form is just one level smaller than an orca.They eat pompano, cuttlefish,leopard sharks, marlins, tuna , pufferfish, john dorys, barracuda and herring. They are driven out by the Intruder in Hazards Abound, but manage to come back with their last level being Tricky Treats before they're driven out once again.

Real Life Information: Edit

Killer whale/Orca is an apex (Doesn't have natural predators) mammal which for their intelligence some of them are hold in captivity for shows,Since 2017 Orca Shows are not allowed .

Trivia: Edit

  • They Prey Sharks in Real Life.
  • Male Orcas can have a length of 9 Meters and a weight of 10 Tons.Female Killer whales are a bit smaller and lighter.
  • In the wild they are friendly to Humans,but in captivity there were over 70 Cases of Orca Trainers killed,wounded or threaten by Killer Whales.

Gallery Edit

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Comparation beetween the great white shark Goliath, and an orca.