Lionfish are one of the fish in-game. They aren't small but are medium and big. There are 2 kinds of lionfish with no difference, except for colour. They appear 11 times in the game or 18 1/3% in total. In the original game, a lionfish is playable.

Green lionfishEdit

Green lionfish are seen in Borris and Harry levels. They are both big in their levels. They eat herring, cod, john dorys, boxfish and cuttlefish and last appear in Spot The Ink where the cuttlefish try to end their pursuit, but the Intruder ultimately does so.
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Purple lionfishEdit

Purple lionfish are the purple version of lionfish. They are encountered in Boris and Peter levels and are medium. They eat boxfish, bugs and cuttlefish and are preyed on by john dorys, humphead wrasse and leopard sharks. They last appear in Showdown in the Shallows before being evicted for the last time in First Fury.
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Some fans say that Green lionfish are yellow and Purple lionfish are blue