Minnows are the smallest fish ingame. There are 3 types of minnows:

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Poison minnow:

Poison minnows are a green version of minnows that leave behind green 'bubbles'. If you eat one of them,

you will get poisoned, and the controls are reversed. On Computer, Left click repeatly or On Xbox, Tap Template:Button, Template:Button, or Template:Button repeatly to recover.

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Normal minnow:

Normal minnows are grey and eatable and like the small fish, they don't feed you a lot. Also like small fish, they come in schools. They are preyed on by cod, pompano, lionfish, john dorys, leopard sharks and humphead wrasse. They last appear in Loony Lures and are drawn out by the Intruder. They appear in 9

levels or 15% of total levels.

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Golden minnow:

The golden minnow is a special type of minnow, that serves as a power up.

More about it can be read via the corresponding article.


Minnows (both poison and normal minnows), come in schools. Eating the school will give you a school bonus.

See schools for more information.