Pelicans are in-game birds that come out from water, eating any fish in level. It appear in Boris, Peter and Harry levels. Even if Layla can breach, Pelicans appear after Harry levels and she can't jump out of water after his levels. They have two ways of eating: they can fly above water and eating everything that comes too close or they will just fly and eat insects is available and for you if you come too close. It will also be affected by Shrinkshrooms, making them eatable.

They eat bugs, herring, john dorys, marlins, leopard sharks, humphead wrasse, pufferfish, cod and pompano. They appear as an obstacle in The Spoiler and are last seen in Back To Boris, or in 5 levels total (1/12 of the game)


Pelican 2

Pelican eating a fish.

  • Pelicans have always the same size.
  • Pelicans don't have an animation for turning back.
  • Pelicans as cameo in Goliath levels.
  • Pelicans are immune to looney lures because they’re not a fish.

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