Power ups are really helpful when it's hard catching a fish at the start. Power-ups can be in form of balloons in levels that allow you breanching.

They also help at the end. There are 12 Power Ups:


Starfish is the first power-up to be encountered by the player. They give a lot of points but don't make you grow.


Speed Boost:Edit

It gives you a speed boost, helps with jumping. Its icon is a lightning.


Shrinkshrooms make any bigger predator than you become even smaller then a big Boxfish or big Minnow. They will give you few points,
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though. They will not turn tiny predator any smaller than you. Its icon is a red mushroom.


It's only seen in Eddie levels in Midnight Zones'. They give some more light to see in the darknesss. They are also considered food and will be eaten by predators. They emit light even when not eaten.


Like Plankton, it emits light and can be eaten to light up the screen.

First Fury:Edit

When eating this, all the fish will stop swimming and you will eat everything on the screen smaller than you. Its icon is an angler fish like fish.

Shield Fish:Edit

When eating it, you will have a rainbow herring that protects you from anything: predators, mines and oysters. Any predator bigger than you that touches you will eat the herring instead.

Extra Life:Edit

When eating this you will get an extra life. This means that you have 1 more life for each chomped Extra Life Bubble.

Feeding Frenzy Bonus:Edit

After eating it, it will give you 7 Frenzy Points'. Its icon are 2 F next to each other.

Flash Bubble:Edit

After eating this, all the fish are stunned, except for you, of course. Also it makes mines explode and puffer-fish deflate.

Time Bonus:Edit

It is only encountered in time attack and bonus levels. They give a 3 seconds bonus. Its icon is a clock.

Loony Lure:Edit

Loony lures are rare power-ups. Once eaten, a metal fish will arrive and all the bigger fish than you (except for the Barracuda) will swim after it.