Tuna is one of the fish in-game. They are big, medium and small.

They appear in 3 characters levels: Layla's, Harry's and Goliath's. They are big in Harry levels, medium in Layla's, and small in Goliath's, and will also come in schools in Goliath levels.They appear 7 times in the game, or 11 2/3 % total.

The large ones prey on pompanos, herring, pufferfish, cuttlefish and boxfish and are preyed on by leopard sharks until drawn out by the Intruder kidnapping Harry.The small ones are preyed on by marlins, leopard sharks and orcas.

The medium ones eat herring, cuttlefish and pufferfish and are preyed on by leopard sharks and orcas. They last appear in Tricky Treats before once again being forced to leave by the Intruder.


  • Tuna is big as marlins in Harry levels, because they are both the biggest fish he can eat, but in Goliath levels tuna is small and marlins are medium.

They last appear in Tricky Treats and are expelled by the Intruder out of Sharktooth Ridge. Orcas and pufferfish disappear as well from this point on.

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